A couple of days ago, we were eating some nice Moroccan food at a place called “Zohra”, and we had gotten some lentil soup, some couscous, and a little bit more food. After we were done, they gave us some fruit.

I ate my peach casually as we talked, and was almost done when… I saw a larva! No, it must have been my eyes playing tricks on me. Then I saw it again. I showed everybody. I decided to call him Freddy.

Fun facts about Freddy: Freddy’s least favorite color is white (because we dropped him and we couldn’t get him onto the white napkin), and his favorite color is orange. His favorite food is a peach, and he is very greedy and spoiled. He is a white grub. He hates bananas (oh, and by the way, I made up most of this). He is very fat and surprisingly quick. He is handsome, and as I said before, very, very, greedy. His favorite animal is a ladybug because they are very pretty. He hates humans because they torture him (moving him around).

After we were done eating, we put him with the peach so he could be thrown into the garbage with his peach. Bye, Bye, Freddy!

Below: freddy the fruit worm