We got up at 8:00 to eat breakfast and watch the sunrise (I didn’t watch the sunrise because I wasn’t feeling very good). Kieran, Alex, and Julien climbed a sand dune before they ate breakfast. I didn’t eat much but Julien and Kieran ate a decent amount. We got packed up to get out of Erg Chebbi on our 1-hour camel ride. As we were about to get on our camels, we saw some beetle tracks. we followed them… and we found this weird (disgusting) GRUB!!! Bita rode on the four-wheeler (pretty much a four-wheeled motorcycle) because when we were going there she got sick and was very scared when going there.

We got on our camels (it was a bit scary because they would fling up), and followed our guide (not the one that drives us everywhere), Muhammed, and got on the move. We saw a beetle climbing through the sand when we were about one 1/8th through. We also saw these black birds with curved beaks hopping around.

When we got back we drove for a long time to our next destination with our tour guide, Mohammed. We passed by a irrigation water system. We went inside and it was very interesting. It worked like this: there were humps on the ground with holes in them and when it rained, water would fall into the holes, through a tunnel under ground, and then into the land for farming. Later we passed Tinghir, a partly abandoned city. Tinghir is a city that has the more modern part behind it, which is full of people and the old adobe houses which were abandoned.

After Tinghir, we went to a valley called Todgha valley. We hiked through it and it was full of plants! It was separated into about 200 spaces which were spaces of communal land farmed by locals. There was corn, alfalfa, pomagranates, and so on. There was a guide named Nabil that showed us through Todgha valley. About halfway through, he made us these little camels made out of palm tree leaves. We saw old Jewish and Berber homes which were in ruins and some modern kasbahs.

We went to a gorge called the Todgha Gorge. It was beautiful! The sun was setting so you could see the light shining on the top of the cliff. We got to the hotel at the bottom of the cliff that looked like a castle. It had an outside of weirdly-shaped rocks and the inside didn’t look anything like the outside. We walked to the back part where our 2 rooms were. One of the rooms had a bed on each side of the room and a little ledge to get up to a King sized bed. It also had a bathroom to its right. The other room had a small pool outside and was much bigger with a floor bed and a king or queen sized bed.

We decided to have them serve us dinner around 8:00. We stargazed a bit and then went to eat dinner. It was some soup, tagine, couscous, and so on. We asked to have breakfast at 8:30 because we were going to leave at 9:30 in the morning tomorrow. We got back, stargazed a little more, and went to bed.

Below: Kieran and Julien on the sand dune

Below: us on camels, grub, and tents

Below: underground irrigation system




Below: Tinghir

Below: Todgha Valley




Below: Todgha Gorge

Below: Our hotel in the gorge