Today, we visited the square (Jemaa el-fin). We strutted out the door in glee, and followed a different path to the square.

When we arrived, we saw millions of juice stands and a couple spice shops. We trotted around the square looking at various appealing acts. We got pulled in by the snake charmers. Snake charmers are people who play instruments to charm snakes. The instrument is called a pungi and it is not the music that charms the snakes, it is the snake charmer waving the pungi. Snake charmers often remove a snake’s fangs or venom glands, rendering it harmless but also cruelly consigning it to a slow death. They also have been known to sew the snake’s mouth shut, so that they are incapable of biting, which also cruelly consigns it to a slow death. Snake charming is often very cruel.

Then, we continued on wanting to go to one of the million juice stands. So we did. It was so difficult to choose out of all the choices!!! I decided on grapefruit, but they had run out of that one, so everybody was waiting for me. I wondered and wondered and wondered… then I finally choose on pineapple mango. We enjoyed our juices and continued on.

There were all of these toys that are little boxes with little wooden toy snakes inside of them, and when you pullback this little lever, the toy snake would pop out. It was all very fun.

We walked home with our tired feet and fell into our beds.