Today, we went to the park. We did some schoolwork, and then drove to the bottom of the foothills next to the Dolomites with Colleen (Cole and Luke were not there because they had school). It took 5 minutes to drive there and it took about 10 minutes to hike up to this giant farm/park. Colleen left to go get Cole and Luke just as we got up there.

It was Beautiful! There were olives, chickens, cows, horses, bees, and much much more. As we approached the farm we met some goaties, one of which wanted all the grass we attempted to feed to any goat. We would feed them through the wired (non-electric) fence. After feeding some goats, we met a person named Carla who helps with the farm.

There was a barefoot walk which was where you would take off your shoes and socks and walk on obstacles/different weird materials. It started with some soft grass. I didn’t take off my shoes because I thought it was going to be uncomfortable. Janet and Kieran took their shoes off.

We walked on some big rocks, some stumps, some woodchips, and so on. It was 800m long. About halfway through, I took off my shoes because Kieran said it felt really good. Julien kept his shoes on. We walked off the barefoot walk to look at a view and then resumed the barefoot walk.

There was a tiny log bridge that we walked across and after that it was a bit rocky. We walked on some stumps and then on some wood shavings, which were really fluffy. We walked a little farther and then found some wild pigs. We didn’t get to finish it but it was amazing!

Kieran washed his feet, but mine were clean enough so I just brushed them off. When we put on our shoes it felt sooooooo GOOD!!!!!!!! We walked home and got there in time for dinner.

Below: walk up to the park

Below: Goats!

Below: barefoot walk & pigs