We started the day by going to the park (like in the post by Jasper called “Italy and the PARK!!!” ) with a late start (12:00) to do schoolwork. We started with science. It was an experiment. We ran to three certain distances, 50 strides,* 104 strides, and 144 strides. Everybody ran the 50, then the 104, then 144. We calculated, and found the mean (average) and median for each. Then we created a graph. We found out with the graph that the estimate for how long it would take to go 70 strides is 30 seconds. Then we tested it by running 70 strides, and we were correct! It was exactly 30 seconds!

Then we did the second science experiment. Counting poop. So what we did was we marked off an area of the field and counted the poop. I counted 68 goat poop, 1 deer poop, 3 cow poop, and 9 horse poop. We each wrote down our number of poops (which were all surprisingly different from each other’s), and thought of proven facts, and unproven hypotheses for why they were different. One of Julien’s hypotheses for why I had more goat poop than him was that it split on its time on the ground, and he counted all of theses pieces as one while I counted them separately.

* A stride is one of Janet’s steps