After visiting the Roman Forum (in Jasper’s blog: “The Roman Forum“), we sprinted to the exit because the gates to Ostia Antica, a Roman port city, were going to close in 30-40 minutes, and we needed to get there fast. So we ran around searching for a taxi to take us. We asked one and he said no, then another agreed so we hopped in. It is about a 30 minute ride there and they would be closing at the same time. Luckily, Italians are aggressive drivers, so they went faster than most. We fretted the whole drive to Ostia Antica constantly checking the time.

We stopped at the entrance, and ran to get tickets. WE HAD MADE IT IN TIME!!!!!!! When we got the tickets, we were relieved. We went to the machine where we put in our tickets in, and there was a cat. It was one of those push things, and the cat was sitting looking at you when you go through. It was like if he was seeing if you were valid. We went through, and got into the ancient city.

It was so well preserved!! It was also so empty compared to how beautiful it was!! I thought there would be a lot more people. They were some of my favorite Roman ruins I had ever been to, and there was almost nobody there!! I also don’t understand how it is so well preserved because everyone is allowed to just walk on the mosaics and rooftops!! Also, the rooftops are still there!!!

I could practically see what it would be like for a Roman. It was very similar to the Fes medina. It is also considered to be some of the best preserved Roman ruins of of the world. We hopped our way out when it had started to close one hour after we entered. We got out and took the train back to our warm, cozy house.

Below: Roman Ruins



From left to right: a theater, a bakery, and a container all of which we saw



Below: three statues we saw