We started in the morning with going to the Roman Forum. We were also planning to go to the Roman port (Ostia Antica). So we packed up to go, and got on the bus. We passed the Memorial of Victor Emmanuel II, and went up to Capitoline Hill. We looked at the view from Capitoline Hill down into the forum. We could see the Colosseum peeking out of the trees.

We went down and around after going through Circus Maximus. The Circus Maximus was a chariot ring that had only the ruins on the far side because we guessed they were too busy to dig up the rest of it. We crossed the Circus Maximus and went up to Palatine Hill.

Romulus (the founder of Rome), was on Palatine Hill and was a great leader. On Capitoline Hill there was a leader called Titus Taitus, the leader of the Sabines. The hills were extremely close together, and they fought in the valley in between. Later, the Sabines and Romans united and built a forum in the valley.

After going up onto Palatine Hill, we went down into the forum, and we walked through the curving winding streets of the forum. We went down to the middle of the forum where there was the Umbilicus Urbis (not the Umbilical cord), which was the very center of Rome. It had a plaque that said “Umbilicus Urbis Romae”.

We went past a temple, and I could feel the liveness of what it would look like back in the days. We talked about emperors and the worst ones: Caligula, Nero, and Commodus. We also talked about the best ones: Augustus, Trajan, and Hadrian.

After walking around, we saw that there wasn’t time to go to Ostia Antica because it was a 30 minute taxi ride, so we slowly walked and got to the exit and recognized there was time to go to Ostia Antica if we ran quickly. Read the following post: “Ostia Antica, an Ancient Roman Port City”.

Below: Forum




Below: Plaque on Umbilical Urbis