Today, I decided to write about how they manage trash around the world. I wrote about this because somebody suggested that I write about the different ways they do trash pickup around the world.

Seattle, Northwest U.S: in Seattle, you sort your trash daily into recycling, trash, and compost. Yard waste and anything that is organic matter goes into the compost. The trash (except recycling) is taken out each Friday for us, but for other people it is taken out on other days because they clean a little of the city each day of the week. But for recycling they take it out every other week. You put the trash bins in your house, but when they fill up you bring them outside into a bigger bin where it is taken every week.

Malaga, Southern Spain: in Malaga, you sort your trash into glass, plastic and metal, paper, and organic (everything that does not fit into the other categories). You bring those bags outside into a communal trash nearby. The communal trash is a small bin above ground which leads into a giant bin underground. A big truck would come by and raise the big bins underground above ground, which were then dumped into the truck.

Fes medina, Northern Morocco: in the medina of Fes (the old part of the city), they just throw the trash out their doorstep! The donkeys trot around (because cars can not go there) and are piled with all the trash, which is later taken out of the city. Many people say the medina of Fes is a labyrinth. There are thousands of roads in just a tiny portion of the city. I wonder how they know they have cleaned up the whole city!

Rome, Middle of Italy: I don’t know the system, but I know it is not going very well. We have seen that the garbage trucks are only about the size of a minivan, so they might go around, get full, and then not be able to carry all of the trash. It seems that they clean up the very touristy part first and are already pretty full when they reach the non-touristy part. In Julien’s blog “Getting Wet” a women said “Stupid people, horrible city, and inefficient administration” when she missed the bus. Though I suspect that she was also talking about other things including the trash not only the bus.

Below: Seattle

Below: Malaga

Below: Fes medina


Below: Rome