It was nice to be with the Chloe in London, Thieberts in France, Mitchells and Kavita in Italy, the Herrlings in Switzerland, and Pilar, Maruja, and Emily in Spain. We will also be seeing Virginie in a few days, and Britta in Germany after. It’s interesting that we’re meeting up with many people along the way, and getting advice from them about the culture there. I love getting to see people I have met back in Seattle.

I like our trip around the world, but it’s even better with friends! A few are coming for a little while (like Chloe, Emily, and Kavita), and some are living there (like the Thieberts, Virginie, Mitchells, Herrlings, Maruja, and Britta).

I like getting off our train (or plane) and having someone to look forward to meeting again. I remember them from previous times, and it’s nice to enjoy their company. I love how we get to explore, learn a bit more from some of our friends, and see what they have usually already seen (unless they haven’t been there for long or are meeting up with us).

The only sad part is that when we leave, I recognize that it’s going to be 200 millon years until I see them again. I love the expierence that we’re going through with friends around the continent!

Below: Kavita in Venice

Below: Mitchells in Polcenigo

Below: Thieberts in Nancy, France

Below: Herrlings in Zurich

Below: The family in Fuengirola, Spain

Below: Chloe in London


Below: Emily in Malaga