Today we went to the Musee de l’Ecole de Nancy.

We finished lunch with Jean-Louis (zhaun louie ) and Claire, and Claire brought out dessert. We closed our eyes and they put it in front of our noses. I opened my eyes and for a second I thought it was quiche, but then I realised it was pie!!!!!!!! APRICOT PIE!!!!!!!! No wait, MIRABELLE TART!!!!!!!!! Mirabelle is a type of plum that you can only find in France. It is illegal to grow it outside of France.

When I was done savoring my mirabelle plum tart (for literally 20 minutes) we got ready to head out the door to go to a museum called Musee De l’ecole De Nancy. We drove in separate cars to the Musee De l’ecole De Nancy. Julien, Jasper, Janet, and Jean-Louis in one and Alex, Claire, and me in the other. Our car drove silently with only the sound of me whispering car brands out the window. We arrived at the beautiful Villa with all of the Art Nouveau (the type of art). When we entered through the main door we started peeking around at the gorgeous art. There was stuff from paintings to cupboards to nightstands to lamps to baths to pottery to tables to vases. We trotted through the amazing museum and learned that some of the walls are coated with leather!!!!

We came back to the entrance and trudged out the door. We went through a small cute garden, and saw an insect home. It had pinecones and bark at the top, wood with holes for ants to crawl into, rocks and bricks for beetles to sneak into, more wood for ants, little cup shaped bricks for insects to fly under, rock for beetles to sneak into, boxes for bugs to wriggle into a dark space, and more boxes for bugs to get into. We strolled through the path and got to the other side.

We drove the car back to the house and rested there for a couple hours. We went out to a fancy restaurant to say thank you to Jean-Louis and Claire for hosting us and for the amazing meals. It was a wonderful restaurant.

Below: objects we saw in the Musee de l’Ecole de Nancy



Below: the fancy dinner



Below: mirabelle tart