Today, we went to Ribeauville, a city just about 8 miles north of Colmar. We went there to meet Virginie, our third cousin once removed. We had planned to go on the bus a bit after 6:00, but we decided we could get there early and explore the town a bit.

When the bus came, it turned out we didn’t have enough money in cash so we found an ATM and waited for the next bus. We got on as it arrived, and then got off at Ribeauville to meet Virginie. We all got in the 5 person car, (it was a bit squashed because we were 6) and drove to Virginie’s house.

We got inside and it looked like quite the cozy house! When Virginie was cooking, Fred (Virginie’s husband) and his son Quentin entered. We sat down and ate some food as Gabrielle (Virginie’s daughter) came in. We all talked and laughed (especially me) a lot. We ate some some pumpkin soup, then some salad, and then dessert, an apple and pear tart (Yum!).

We tried speaking with a French accent a little bit or “un petit peu.” After eating the tart we went home. We went by car instead of by bus. It turned out that I fell asleep in the car. In Virginie’s car Janet saw a sign for a winery called Jean-Luc Bucher. We suspected it might be part of our family line! We got home and I went straight to bed. It was a great night at Ribeauville!

Below: Janet and Virginie cooking

Below: all of us eating