We started our day by going to a castle up on a hill. We climbed up and up and up, and finally got to the tram which would take us up to the castle. It turned out we had walked to the castle and we didn’t need to take the tram. We entered the castle through an archway. We waited in the Courtyard, and then started the tour. It was a bit boring because it went like this: ” there was Henry V who married Elizabeth and the Henry V died and Elizabeth married Greg IV which lived longer than Elizabeth…” but I enjoyed walking through the castle. The toilets were these wooden boxes coming out of the castle with holes at the bottom so it would fall into a trench below.

Once the tour was done, we went to the GIANT Barrel! It used to be able to hold about 221,725 liters. Due to the drying of the wood it can now hold about 219,000 liters. It seemed it was 20x bigger than a normal barrel! There was a porch on top of the of the barrel because it was so big! The people at the castle had at most 6 glasses of wine and 12 of beer each day (It didn’t have as much alcohol)!

After going to the castle, we walked around a bit, and then ran into a strange looking pet. It looked wild, but it was on a leash. It looked like a black fox. It had a big bushy tail with a tuft of white at the end. We decided to walk away from the “fox.”

We walked down, and then waited to meet Britta at the main square. Britta used to be our au pair. She first had to learn some English (she lived in Germany). She lived with us for 1 year when we were young. I personaly don’t remember much. But now she is a friend. We waited, and waited, and waited. She was supposed to meet us at 5:00 and it was already 5:30! Alex tried to find a Vodafone store because his phone was out of battery.

Later he came back and said that she was coming. We went to sit down at a restraunt, and she met us there! We talked about things as we ate dinner. Later, we went home and went to bed.

I loved seeing Britta again. I did recognize her a bit!

Below: Britta



Below: 3d castle model before and now

Below: The Castle





Below: giant barrel