Today, we went on a hike with Britta in the buche forests of Heidelberg. The word buche is the origin of Janet’s last name, Bucher (Boo-shay). We arrived at the trail and started.

It was very different from Seattle because there are far fewer trees, and in Heidelberg are were decillions of buche leaves on the ground. We heard the wind rustling the leaves back and forth. The colors were magical in colors green, red, yellow, orange, and brown, and we heard a loud “thump” and realised we were in a area were they do logging. The big “thump” was a large tree falling. We ran down the straight road, tasting the wind on the way.

We reached the end of the Buche forest into an apple orchard. We strolled through the field of apples, and Janet sneaked in and picked some of the apples because nobody would eat them. They were some of the best apples I had ever tasted! The freshness and sweetness filled my mouth with yumminess. We reached the end, and sat down. We took some selfies and stopped when we heard a rooster crow. We all crowed back, and then it crowed at back at us. When we crowed, it echoed in eternity. We continued that for quite some time until we headed back home.

It was nice spending time with Britta though I did not remember her. I got a feeling of what she was like when I was little and it was nice meeting her for the second time. The hike was beautiful but the best part was the people.