We started our day with schoolwork. We were planning to have it be a quiet day and rest. Julien was sick so he mainly just read all day. We were going to go to the supermarket a bit later. I had always wondered what Africa was like. I mean, I had already seen Morocco, but Sub-Saharan Africa has a different culture.

Our house is a wooden lodge with a pool in the front. When you enter, there is a ladder to your right and a ladder a few meters ahead of you. The ladder to your right leads up to to a loft with a bed and to 2 mosquito netting walls. There is a bathroom and kitchen with a small refrigerator ahead of you past the ladder, and the ladder ahead of you goes up to an even smaller loft with a small 2 person bed. On the main level to the right of that ladder is a 2 person bed. All of the beds have mosquito netting over them.

Once we had gotten to the supermarket (it took 2 times as long as expected), I needed to go to the bathroom. When I got in there was a sign stating what not to do. Some were obvious such remember to flush before you leave. Then there were some really obvious but weird things such as no peeking over the stalls and no filming. I wondered if people actually did that, but then I doubted that people do it.

We were walking home and Kieran was carrying the pizza and I was carrying the rest. Kieran was going so slowly that we had to stop every single 2 minutes. Alex asked if he could take it and Kieran replied with “I’mmm fine.” I insisted that I should take it because he was walking slower. But he replied with the same “I’mmm fine.” Kieran was clearly tired but did not want to give up on his pizza boxes. Now I was getting a bit irritated. I asked him one more time and he replied again with the same response: “I’mmm fine.”

When we had gotten into our “neighborhood” we saw chickens just roaming free and walking around. We saw other houses and a banana grove (it turns out there are a lot of bananas here).

When we had finally gotten home I thought about the culture of Tanzania. It was so different from Moroccan culture. I loved the friendliness of the people in Tanzania (and in Morocco). Tanzania is a poor country and people still have fun, and enjoy what they do. Many of the roads are dusty and bumpy, so it must be hard to get somewhere by car. There is also the dala dala which is a minibus that goes around and picks up people waiting for a ride on the side of the street. Wikipedia says they are a minibus in Tanzania that is usually overcrowed and often driving at unsafe speeds. We didn’t know if we were going to take one with our time here. We took a little cold swim and then went to bed as I was still wondering about the culture of Tanzania.

Below: the house (top left: view from loft. top right: view of the house. Bottom left: gazibo. Bottom middle: small loft. Bottom right: kitchen.)



Below: Lizard

Below: Kieran with the pizza boxes

Below: dusty road and palm tree grove