Today, we just stayed at home and did homework. This was one of the assignments: to write a sentence for each place we had gone to in Europe/Morocco.

London: all the tall skyscrapers, all the grand monuments, and all the pigeons

I love chasing pigeons so I was happy there were a lot of pigeons.

Madrid: the taste of my first churro and the calm feeling of being with relatives

A churro is a famous spanish treat that I ate for my first time in Madrid.

Toledo: the run down the mountain to the Tagus river

In Toledo, we took a run down the hill to a river to find a geocache.

Merida: the glory of the bridge while running by

The Puerto Romano is a beautiful bridge that is longest ancient bridge in the world.

Seville: walking up the 60 ramps of La Giralda

La Giralda is a famous tower that you can climb.

Malaga: the 50-minute train ride to something beautiful

We got to see a beautiful art museum and a tremendous castle and much more.

Fuengirola: the 4-foot tall waves batting me with saltwater

The waves at the beach in Fuengirola were tremendous
Cordoba: walking through the endless arches and feeling the style of the Moors

In Cordoba, there is a mosque/cathedral that has tons of arches.

Mijas: the cute white houses with their red tiled roofs

Almost all of the houses were identical.

Ronda: staring up at the 2,460 foot cliff in awe

Ronda is a city on top of a cliff and we went to the very bottom and stared up

Lanjaron: the small cute cottage with the delicious vegetables

Our host gave us a box of interesting vegetables when we were staying.

Guadix: the underground houses going deeper and deeper into the mountain

Guadix is a city that has houses inside the hills.

Granada: each mistake counts

The Alhambra in Granada is so detailed that the artist must have done a ton of work.

Tangier: The fun of knitting all day long

I learned to knit, so then I did a whole bunch of it in Tangier.

Fez: the crowded streets and our beautiful riad

Fez is full of local people, so you are always trying to squeak through.

Erg Chebbi Dunes: the aching bottoms and the sound of drums

We rode camels in the Sahara, and our bottoms got really sore.

Todgha Gorge: At the bottom of the gorge lay our hotel with the stars above us

We went to the gorge and stargazed up from the bottom.

Ouarzazate: a quiet city it is indeed

Ouarzazate means a quiet city, and we arrived at night so it was a quiet city.

Marrakech: the bustling wide streets with the sound of bargains and snake charmers

Marrakech is also bustling with people like Fez, and there is a lot of bargaining.

Polcenigo: the taste of gelato and the laughter of the king

We played a game called King, and it is where one person sits in a chair and the others try to make him/her laugh.

Venice: the happiness of seeing seagulls

I love chasing pigeons, and now I get to chase seagulls!

Rome: Each day was a big day

We went out each day and did something big like The Pantheon, The Vatican, or The Colosseum.

Zurich: the wind tunnel blasting me back

We went to a science museum where there was a wind tunnel that would blast tons of wind at you.

Nancy: the warm welcoming of dinner, lunch, and breakfast

Each day, Jean-Louis and Claire would make a delicious meal.

Colmar: the cute gingerbread houses laid all over the city

The houses in Colmar look like gingerbread houses.

Ribeauville: the delicious dinner with apple and pear pie

We had a delicious dinner with Virginie in Ribeauville.

Riquewihr: seeing the tombstones of family members

We saw some tombstones with the last name of Bucher in a cemetery in Riquewihr.

Heidelberg: going through the ancient Renaissance castle

In Heildeberg we saw a beautiful castle in ruins