I woke up to a chilly, grey, still morning. I only heard a couple birds chirping softly in the trees, probably having a low-key and gentle conversation with one another. I scanned the whole house, and noted that I was the only one awake. But it didn’t feel right. My eyelids were heavy. My body felt droopy. I was very tired. I landed softly on my bed, feeling the sleepy warm of my pillow, and dozed off to sleep.

I woke up again to the sound of Alex talking. Jasper and Kieran were eating breakfast, and I felt my groggy eyes and groggy face and groggy legs just melting into the bed.

Then I heard people telling me to get up. I had to crawl out and away from the bed, and start my day.

Today was a day for schoolwork. I studied a whopping amount of science, and then got to play Civilization, a board game that Alex got for his birthday. In Civilization, you randomly get assigned an empire, and you must expand and build your new empire, fighting against barbarian tribes and capturing other players’ cities and land. You build new trading capitals, sending caravans out to other players and small neutral cities. There are so many things that you have to keep track of, and you are constantly awaiting your next turn, so you can progress the prosperity of your civilization. What’s going through your mind is, Okay, so I have to deal with these barbarians over here, and expand my empire to the west…oh, but I still have to build that world wonder before other players build it. You never get bored with Civilization. We spent so much time playing it.

Civilization rankings:

1st: Janet

2nd: Jasper

3rd: Julien

4th: Kieran

5th: Alex

It was very close. Technically Janet, Jasper, Kieran and I all met the victory conditions, but Janet had the most wonders, so she took 1st, and then Jasper, Kieran and I all had the same number of wonders. So we counted who had the most land. Jasper had the most land.

That night we got to go over to the hostess’s house and watched a movie with her and her kids. It was very fun.

Over the course of this trip, sometimes if we have nothing to do, we draw. We have drawn some little cartoon things that take only 5 minutes to complete. Sometimes we work for 2 hours total on something, sometimes more than a day. It is a fun hobby of ours, and when we have free time, we sit down, and just pour what is being trapped in our minds onto our digital easels. It is not all our drawing–sometimes we put stickers on or type stuff onto the screen, but they are still our creations!

Below: Art By Julien


Below: Art By Julien (Adirlandia)


Below: Art by Jasper


Below: Art by Kieran