Today I am going to share with you the Coffee Making Process. We went to the Meru tribe and they showed us the coffee making process in Tanzania.

First you pick off the coffee beans, especially the red ones and peel them with a tiny hand-powered machine. Then you are left with two coffee beans.


After that you take those coffee beans and soak them for 2 days at least and up to 4 days in a giant bucket full of dirty water.

Once you are done soaking them in all the water you take them out and carefully set them up on a big blanket. They will stay there until they are completely dry for the next step.


Then you take the dry coffee beans and put them in a giant wooden bowl where somebody takes a large piece of wood and hammers it into the bowl to remove the second husk (first layer was the main skin that you peeled with the machine) from the beans. After finishing that you put them on a woven disk which you shake up and down to make the husk pieces fly into the air and blow into the air.



When they are done with that they put those coffee beans into a small iron pot over a fire to roast them. That what is what you find in stores nearby your houses. Though you can also smash them again into ground coffee which you also find in stores.