Today was fun. We have had a couple quiet days so far here in Arusha, with just a game, a lot of schoolwork, and some drawing. The reality is that some days here really have nothing interesting to them.

We decided to wake up and finish our game of Civilization that we had started the day before. I think I have found out an efficient way to win the game. There are victory conditions. That game’s conditions didn’t involve a lot of war. You have to look at where you are placed, and then decide what you would go for. Janet and Alex each had many cities with huge empires, covering vast swaths of land. But that was not what the game required. I didn’t care about covering land. I cared about quickly lashing out and taking natural wonders, accelerating rapidly with my Technology, and building world wonders, which is what the game wanted me to do. I was the smallest empire on the board, but I was rolling in riches, not bothering with anyone else at the time that I won. I crushed everybody.

I did my schoolwork, which were assessment tests for 6th grade, to make sure that I had all of the 6th grade math curriculum nailed into my head.

I really cannot tell you anything else that was of any importance that day, except for the fact that Alex and I quickly ran the 3km run to the mall, to get a new simcard and some groceries.

This was a short post, but there is nothing else to say. It is easy and fun to take quiet days, with a simple schedule and simple routines.