Today, we went to Lake Manyara. We woke up at about 7:00 to get ready to go. This was the starting part of the safari adventure (read Julien’s post: Watching the World). I was very excited to see these animals in their natural habitat, not in the zoo. We got in the car and it was the classic safari car. It was tan, had 2 wheels on the back, had thick tires, and could hold 8 people. Our driver/guide was named Emmanuel. We were going to Lake Manyara, right before Mto Wa Mbu (read Kieran’s post: The Bike Ride). We had seen Lake Manyara from a distance, but today we were going to see it close up.

We started the drive with going to Lake Manyara. There we started with seeing some blue monkeys and baboons. The baboons looked so bored, just sitting there eating leaves. We saw some impala (very similar to gazelle) and some zebra (we also saw a few wildebeest). The zebras looked almost exactly like striped horses.

We drove a bit more to the hippo pool where we saw birds everywhere. We saw the African Jakana, Spoonbill Stork, Silver-Cheeked Hornbill, and many more. There was this interesting bird called a Black Heron. It uses its wings to create shade and then eat the fish that are seeking shade. We saw a cute little bird called the black wing lapwing. We looked through the binoculars and saw some hippos in the distance, and then saw one close up. The one close up was dying from old age, and was laying down and breathing very subtly. There were these birds called Black Crakes which were eating the maggots on the hippo’s body.

We then moved on and saw a giant field with some giraffes. They looked a bit like camels (read Julien’s post: The Dunes of the Sahara). We used the binoculars to see a warthog in the distance and some zebra. We ate boxed lunches and looked at the view. We drove away and went quite far away to a resort where we were going to eat dinner and sleep. We got served some avocado juice and then we got to our little “house.” We went to the pool first (It was an infinity pool!). It was a bit scary because it felt like I was going to fall off. We went on the jogging trail which had a beautiful scenery and these little quotes. We then went to the gym (the treadmill is so fun!) which was neat. Soon after we ate dinner which was delicious and filling!

Below: Baboons


Below: Black Heron

Below: Infinty pool




Below: Safari van

Below: Little quotes




Below: Giraffe and Zebras



Below: Almost dead hippo

Below: Exersise machines

Below: View from porch and canopy beds