After leaving The Retreat, (in Jasper’s blog An Adventure on Safari) we went to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where we drove around the rim of the famous Ngorongoro Crater. We continued down the winding road to “The Cradle of Humankind,” Olduvai Gorge.

Olduvai Gorge is a famous gorge in Tanzania because in 1966, Dr. Mary Leakey found an extremely old bone that dramatically broke the record for oldest early human remains. They continued to find more bones in that area, and it was officially called the birthplace of humankind. We entered into the museum of Olduvai Gorge (which were all replicas wah wah waah) and learned a little bit about the history of Olduvai Gorge. Happily we had already watched a documentary, so we understood quite a bit. We got a little lecture about the gorge and headed to Serengeti.

When we got through the gate we started to see tons of animals: impala, gazelle, wildebeest, zebra, hyena, giraffe and lion. Especially the lion. The beautiful glorious lions. We first saw the lions on a pride rock. They were just peacefully sitting there with lots of safari vans around them. Then we saw a mother lion who was full after eating a portion of a baby cape buffalo. We drove up close two the mother’s lion cubs, and they were eating the baby cape buffalo! There was a circle of hyenas around the lions waiting for their turn. It was a little sad but it is very rare to see things like this. Also there was a sunset and a double rainbow in the background!!! We got back on the main road and drove to the camp in the Serengeti.