Today, we were going to have a “quiet” day. We woke up from our canopy beds and started our day with some delicious breakfast. We drove out a bit early and were not going to eat boxed lunches because we were going to come back for lunch. We saw some of the animals such as gazelle, cape buffalo and a few other common animals.

We got to a nice space with a few warthogs and Thomson’s gazelle (not Grant gazelle). We started drawing things in the landscape. I drew a Thomson’s gazelle, Julien drew the landscape, and Kieran drew many things. I had a bit of trouble getting to show that there were 2 horns, because I was drawing it in profile. For a while, it looked more like a gazelle-rhino than a gazelle.

We drove away and saw a bunch of giraffes (about 6). We did an Irish dance and then left. I have always been wondering what the animals think when there is a moving vehicle that pulls up (the car), then a bunch of noise-making rectangle things pop up (a phone), and then the vehicle goes away. The animals such as camels and giraffes don’t seem too elegant, but they sure are very elegant.

We then drove a bit farther and saw a cheetah. I didn’t know how Emmanuel saw it! It was just a little black dot with pointy ears! There were some gazelle on the other side of the road in the shorter grass. We were hoping for the cheetah to try to catch one of the gazelle, but it didn’t.

We drove in a “circle” and came back to the cheetah. Just as we approached some of the gazelle, they ran into the tall grass. Now it was a lot easier for the cheetah. We were hoping very hard that the cheetah would try to catch one now. We waited and waited and waited but the cheetah didn’t even stand up. Gradually more came over. A reedbuck even went about 30 meters away from it. Now we doubted there was a cheetah. Emmanuel drove closer and it turned out that the cheetah as sleeping! We then drove home and ate a delicious lunch.

In the afternoon when we were eating dinner I heard that there was a surprise. There was no dessert (there usually is) so I was a bit suspicious. When I was thinking about what the surprise was, all the hosts came in making music by tapping a spoon against a glass or using plates and one was holding a cake and another was holding a knife. I starting thinking it was someone’s birthday, but I was still suspicious about the no-dessert thing. Then they placed the cake in front of us! It was a thing that TBC (Tanzania Bush Camp) did and they chose someone to cut the cake. It was very difficult because we (Janet, Julien, Kieran, and I) had to cut the cake into equal slices for everybody. The cake was so delicious!

Below: Gazelle




Below: Gazelle close to cheetah




Below: The Cake




Below: Giraffes




Below: Cheetah

Below: Cape Buffalo

Below: Julien drawing