Today, we gobbled up our delicious breakfast and drove out to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. We overlooked some animals on the way like guineafowls, jackals, vultures, canaries and much more. I was very sad to leave the Serengeti and all the fascinating animals that live inside it. From elephants to the gazelles, from cheetahs to ostrich. Though we were still going to see many more and some of the same animals in the rest of our safari.

We left the gate of the Serengeti and continued on after filling our tiny bellies with tons of food. We started to see herds of goats, sheeps, and cows of the Maasai because the Maasai are allowed to live on the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

We drove along the barren landscape for about 3 hours until we reached the Ngorongoro Crater (mentioned slightly in my blog: “A Day for Serengeti”). Tomorrow we will drive inside the crater. We drove around the rim of the tremendous crater to the other side where we reached our hotel.

Our hotel was marvelous. We headed on to our little hut where we took some showers and headed out the door to splash in the pool before the other events happened. We went home and took more warm showers and headed out again to a cake making activity. We stirred up the butter and added nuts and participated in everything else. We were making a fruit cake. Fruit cake is considered to be indestructible, (which is kinda good because we would not have time to eat it before the plane to an island of the coast of Tanzania called Zanzibar) but it is also known for tasting bad. Sadly, we had to stop the cake making in the middle to go to a Maasai dance.
















Cake Making




Maasai dance