The Serengeti. Endless plains stretching out at every angle. As I drove through those plains every day an interesting feeling struck me. It wasn’t guaranteed that you would see all of the animals that there are to see, but even just the animals that everybody saw on their safaris, like gazelle, zebra, giraffe, and wildebeest, were still a most welcoming site. I almost wanted to be with all those animals, in their perfect ecosystem, where animals eat and get eaten. I wished I could glide right on out of the truck window, and become one of the bounding antelope, or a galloping zebra. I didn’t care who I became. At least if it was out in the Serengeti.

It was sure a grand experience to see all these animals, but sometimes I would just space out, and watch as one of my favorite landscapes rolled by my window. I could stare all day. I felt so at home there in the Serengeti, just by all the warm happiness, joy, love, and harmony that was in the Serengeti. It took my heart.

I also found the trees fascinating. There was a lot of diversity in the animal world of the Serengeti, but not so much with plants. I’d say there was grass, acacia trees, and maybe a couple other species of trees. Even with the trees, I just love drawing the acacia. They are so elegant, how their trunks bend and split all the way up the top, where they spread out into a wide canopy, providing shade for the lions that could rest there after a meal.

That was where I belonged. Out there, with the wildlife, in the Serengeti. I have almost never looked at a landscape and thought the same thing.

It was so graceful how everything out there was tied together. Even if one little thing happened, then everything could fall apart. If the elephants get aggressive and attack the lions when they venture near, then the lion population will probably go down. If that happens, then there aren’t as many lions to eat the wildebeest. Then the wildebeest will overpopulate and eat all the grass, then the zebra and gazelle will die out, because they have no grass to eat, and so on.

Everything is tied together in delicate balance. I find this incredible. I was in awe out there. I felt like that was where I belonged. I could not think of a better world to live in. Even if I was part of that harmonious balance, then I wouldn’t care if I got eaten. At least I would be helping the lions to not starve. Because if the lions die (read previous paragraph), it would be bad.

I loved it there, and I would gladly like to go back some day.