Stone Town is part of a town called Zanzibar City. We started the day with schoolwork because Julien wanted to go wild with schoolwork. Our house has four floors, if you include the roof deck. There were yellow walls on the main space that make it feel all cozy and snug. Julien, Kieran, and I are on the second floor, and we have canopy beds! On the third floor are Janet and Alex, and they have one big bed.

There is a small kitchen so we went out for lunch. It was so humid out there!!! I couldn’t believe it! I was sweating the second I got out there! We walked past a castle (we didn’t go inside), and then the clouds took over. We felt it starting to sprinkle and then millions of raindrops plundered everything. We stood under a shop’s overhang and then it started to subside.

We went to a delicious vegetarian restaurant. We ate some traditional food from Zanzibar (Zanzibar is famous for its spices) and it was very similar to Indian food. We then went through the tiny windy streets to our house (Stone Town’s roads are a mix between Arusha’s and Fez’s roads).

Our house was as cold as a cucumber. We were planning to go to the great beaches on the other side of Zanzibar sometime in the next few days. I loved Stone Town. It is nice to have things to compare with such as Fez, Arusha, and some other places. In Zanzibar the majority of the population is Muslim and a few Christians and Hindus.

I have loved Zanzibar so far! I can’t wait to see what we are going to do next! We ate beans and rice for dinner (the same beans that we got at the Maasai market (read Kieran’s post: The Bike Ride)).

Below: Old Castle

Below: roof deck

Below: “Narrow” streets



Below: Entrance to our house