Yesterday, We started getting data to see how good the wifi was. There were three wifi networks, Hurumzi (1st floor), Hurumzi265 (second floor), and Airbox. Alex got this app that would test the speed of the internet by telling you how many kb per second it took to upload or download on the wifi.

We are going to be gathering data for a week (the test is similar to the ones we did in Italy (read Kieran’s post: Italy Field Experiments). We had a hypotheses that the strongest network would be the airbox on the roofdeck with the touchpad. I was very excited to see the results. There were four ratings for the wifi: Poor, Ok, Very Good, and Awesome.

Hurumzi and Hurumzi265 both always got poor results and airbox got from poor to very good. I love analyzing data and making data points. I was wondering if a poor result is common for wifi’s. It would probably would be called ok if it was a normal result so I went to the idea that the wifi just isn’t very good here.

I also had a hypotheses that when connected to the airbox, the higher you go, the better the wifi is because you are are leveled with the closest cell phone tower. Once you get to the roofdeck it is way better then the 3rd floor because there is no wall interference. I am very excited to see what the data is like when we are done with the test.

Below: Internet speed test

Below: original artwork by Jasper of the network