Today I got some inspiration from Alex to write about the differences between Arusha and Stonetown.

Well, first let me say that Stone Town has much more European influence than Arusha does. One reason it has more European influence is because the Germans, British, and Portuguese all went to Stone Town, while only the Germans and British colonized Arusha.

Also Stone Town has crowded little streets, like Fez in Morocco, whereas in Arusha I find a lot more dirt roads, and garbage. Arusha seems in some some way to be more native, while Stone Town is by far more touristy. If you ask for a preference I can’t decide. If you count the Safari as part of Arusha, then definitely Arusha. Stone Town is by far the biggest city in Zanzibar and Arusha is the third in Tanganyika (Tanganyika is what Tanzania was called before it united with Zanzibar). Nowadays Zanzibar is very Islamic, and there are only two churches in the whole of Stone Town. Arusha is the opposite–Arusha is extremely Christian. I’m guessing this is because the British came to Arusha and the Arabs to Zanzibar.