Today we went on a tour of Stone Town. I woke up early and my groggy eyes just wanted to go to sleep. I finally got up, and we went to the Forodhani Gardens (where the street food is) because that’s where the tour started. Our guide was named Fahid.

Fahid started with talking a bit about the history of Zanzibar and some historical events such as the 40 minutes war. The 40 minutes war is the shortest officially known war. It was when the Sultan of Zanzibar hid in a small fort next to the House of Wonders and then the British attacked it almost immediately.

We then enterted the old fort, a “castle” that we pass by when going to the Forodhani Gardens. It has thick protective walls and part of it was built by the Portuguese. Inside there was an ampitheatre and really no more than that. Then Fahid talked about the spirituality of mangoes for the Hindus.

We then left the fort and talked about the doors of Zanzibar which will probably be talked about in my following blog. We then sat in a very Swahili restaurant/hotel and our guide talked about the fabric that the women wore. It was almost like a code. There was this fabric that you would wear if your husband was a cheater. There was one for your first marrige, one for your second marrige, and then there was one for if you were on your period. There were a few more such as leave me alone, but those were mainly all of them.

We got some juices there and then left to see some more stuff and we went to the old and no longer used Hammani baths (Arab baths). There were star shaped holes at the top to let the steam escape and there was a loud echo bouncing around the room. I could feel the similarities compared to baths in Ronda (read Julien’s post: An Adventure with Arab Baths).

We then saw these little candies, one with sesame seeds and the other with coconut. They both were delicious! We also got to try the Baobab fruit (it had some spices). It tasted like cotton candy that was a bit spicy.

Below: Old fort



Below: Short summary of Zanzibar history


Below: Swahili restaurant