We have settled in. We know the lay of the land, and now we know the way home from the Forodhani Gardens (gardens down by the ocean and location of street food sellers), and other restaurants or locations that we visit frequently. We have located a post office (postcards!), a liquor shop (so Janet and Alex can get something to take back to the airbnb), and several small markets that we can get our food at. Usually our daily routine goes somewhat like this:

In the morning, we wake up, eat cereal or eggs, and then get going on our school for the day (we don’t have weekends). We school until it is lunchtime. Then we get our much needed sun and meal. We walk around the area (it’s a maze), and eat lunch at a cafe or restaurant. More schoolwork follows, and finally some rest and downtime. Janet usually makes rice and beans (really good) or pasta for dinner (also really good). We also have the option of going to street food for dinner.

We know Stone Town pretty well now, and also have the essential knowledge of how good their smoothies are.

It is usually during lunch out that we drink smoothies.

Every single time we sit down at a restaurant, I always think about the smoothies. Smoothies here have been nothing but delicious. Some of them are liquid, very thin, and have no chunks of fruit in them, while other glasses are swarming with yummy little mango, coconut, berry, etc bits to eat. I love it when our smoothies/juices come, and sometimes I get so caught up in my fresh, sweet, yummy smoothie, that I forget that we have actual meals coming. Those smoothies are the opposite of juice boxes. Juice boxes are juice being put into a box and kept there forever until someone wants it. These juices are squeezed back in the kitchen right after we order them. They mix the juices, and create the most yummy drink ever to be drank on the earth. Still, the freshest juice that we have ever drank was in Morocco. We got to watch the man on the Moroccan streets squeeze the juice out and hand it to us. Both drink were splendiferous! I really don’t know how we didn’t read about this as one of the top 10 things to do in Zanzibar!

Stone Town is a little bit Fes, a little bit Arusha, and a tad bit Marrakesh. It is lively. It is amazing. And they have good smoothies.

Below: Beach Cafe Smoothies