Today we met up with the Italian woman, Gilda (in Julien’s blog Indian Ocean). We planned to go on a little boat to a little island called Prison Island (Changuu Island). It is nicknamed Prison Island because a prison was built on it but then never used it and instead they put sick people on it who had diseases they could not cure, to put them away from the population. Nowadays it is used for tourism, and there are tremendous tortoises on it. We got on the rocky boat and went across the choppy waters when it started to rain. When we reached the island, it had stopped raining. We walked across its sandy shores to the tortoise sanctuary. We trotted in and they were tremendous! It was so delightful to just watch their little beaks happily reach toward the cabbage I was holding. I loved to pet their hard shells and bumpy legs, and to stroke their leathery necks, and to pat their heads. The oldest one was almost 200 years old!!!!! I could sit there all day and watch them eat, then walk, eat, then walk.


We left the sanctuary and went over to the beach. The water was full of colorful starfish and gigantic crabs. There was a certain very tiny type of crab that moved so quickly it looked like a tiny rolling ball of dust. We waded in the water for quite some time and then took the boat back to Stone Town.