We had originally planned to stay in Stone Town all the way through mid-January. Change of plans. Even though our airbnb had great reviews, and the host is nice, we have hit barrier after barrier since we got here. Our host has done everything she can to help fix some of these problems, but it is proving too much of a hassle.

We have witnessed the beauty of Jambiani and its beaches first-hand, and decided that we would rather spend our time in the beach towns of Nungwi and Paje instead (look them up).

It is Zanzibar, so we cannot expect everything to go perfectly. Flies, ants, and even a centipiede have made their way into our house, but that’s just all part of the fun.

The things that were big barriers were first, the internet. The wifi here is a pain in the neck. There is a TV, but it is impossibly hard to stream anything without the connection dropping repeatedly throughout, or the screen lagging and glitching every 30 seconds. Getting pictures onto these blog posts sometimes involves uploading many photos, which can take half an hour of just sitting there, waiting for your photos to upload. We even have a little wifi transponder of our own that we bring with us everywhere, but still, the tall, dark, and thick walls of Stone Town block the signal and constantly thrust more barriers in front of us.

There have also been other barriers, such as a leaky AC unit in my room, which ultimately led to my room’s floor being covered in water and seeping through the floor and dripping down into the kitchen. Occasionally the power will drop out, and that is both a pain with using appliances and the wifi completely disappears.

This change in location is not dramatic, but we are rather a bit tired of the fast-paced, bustling way of life in Stone Town. It is kind of like a cave, a dark hollow, and we have seen all we want to see. We would rather be in the gleaming sun of tropical towns, with lower buildings, better internet and wifi, and best of all, paradise beaches. Some of the best beaches in the world await us.

We discussed this topic over dinner, and we were all peacfully awaiting the time when we could enjoy tropical sunsets over the Indian Ocean. We will have to check out some possible new options for lodging in these other places (see Jasper’s blog A TRIP TO NUNGWI), and pick the one that’s best for what it’s worth.

For dinner, Jasper ordered a veggie burger, and what came was a burger with vegetables instead of a pattie, and an unexpected overdose of mayonnaise. Oh well.

We are enjoying our last days in Stone Town, and are (at least I am) reminiscing on our time here. I will miss it in Stone Town, but I also miss London, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, and most of all, home.

Below: Dissapointed Jasper and his “veggie burger”