We woke and started packing to go to Nungwi. Nungwi is a town in the very north of Zanzibar that is very popular for its beaches. Nungwi was going to be a lot calmer than Stone Town (instead of: Motorcycle here! Motorcycle there! In the tiny streets!). We took a dala dala to Nungwi (about 2 hours) and then got to our hotel.

We were only going to stay in Nungwi for one night, but then we would come back in the next few days. We were going to stay in Nungwi for a while (in the next week or so) because our house in Stone Town was having a lot of problems (It smells a bit smoky in here, the air conditioning unit is leaking, the refrigerator isn’t working).

The streets are a lot bigger so it is a lot easier to get around. We went to a bunch of places to check out which one we were going to stay at later in the week. There was one that had kittens and part was under renovation. We then went to one more that had places in Tanzania as room names (Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Victoria, Manyara, and many more).

We liked the second place more so we were going to stay there. We then went to the beach and we played for FOREVER. The sand was like flour and the water was the perfect temperature.

We then went to bed and it turned that the owner of the second place “thought” that we meant that each room was 90$. He probably knew that we meant both rooms for 90$ but he was trying to be sneaky and make us pay more. We decided to not stay at his place and instead go to Paje (pronounced Pa-he (just north of Jambiani)). Now we were going to go to Kenwa and Paje.

Below: The beach

Below: Dinner



Below: fish drying

Below: map of Zanzibar