Today, we went to Nungwi and we are going to stay there for a week or so. We started in the morning with packing up. The power went out so it was very hard to see things and I was missing a pair of shorts and 2 shirts. It wasn’t all that dark because there were many windows all around.

I am going to miss Stone Town. We are going to come back for the flight to India but that isn’t really even “coming back.” It is more like just passing through. The lights went back on just after lunch, and we quickly gathered our stuff and got into the taxi.

I could feel sadness and happiness of leaving Stone Town. We partially left Stone town because of the barriers (Read Julien’s post: Barriers). I am also very exited to see the beaches of the north and east (Nungwi and Paje).

We finally got to our Airbnb after a 2 hour taxi ride, and it is so beautiful! There is a amazing garden with outstanding fruits! The fruits there that are in season are passion fruit (passion fruit is also known as maracuya (not granadilla)) and papaya. There are also some pomegranates and bananas, which are out of season. We then went to a gazebo that has THREE hammocks and a few little tables. There is also the house, which was amazing! There are fabric wall paintings all over and beautiful lights everywhere. There is also an astonishing roofdeck.

After checking out the place, some of us went to see where the beach is. The sun was setting by then, so we ate dinner and snuggled up in our cozy, cuddly, canopy beds.

Below: Us in gazebo


Below: Roofdeck

Below: Living room (sorry if it’s a bit too messy)

Below: a bedroom (in the house)

Below: The house