Tanzania has been our home for about a month. From Arusha, to our Safari, off to Stone Town, and now to Nungwi in the North of Zanzibar, the way of doing things here has absolutely changed my perspective. That is something I am gaining substantially. Perspective on the world.

From Europe to Africa, which are certainly very different places, pretty much everything has changed. I have really gotten used to being away from Seattle, and to see new countries, new cities, new cultures, and new people.

I am surrounded by people with black skin, and it has become so natural now that I don’t notice it. The people who greet us on the street, our taxi driver, everybody is black. I look around with appreciation and see all these people, friendly or not, rich or poor, buying or selling, and I feel their beautiful ethnic culture all around me.

Culture is fascinating. I think about how things could be different from one place to another, and there are always many different factors that come into play to create a certain type of culture. The way people talk, act, and interact has its own unique touch. I can see that difference. Their accent and language, what they wear, how they move, it is all just so natural for their part of the world.

When I think of Spain, I see the colors of the Spanish flag, and I imagine their olive and orange fields, flamenco dancers, bull fighters, their language, and many other things that are incredibly unique to Spain.

When I think of Morocco, I see the Arabic culture, dry, arid climate, amazing hospitality that makes you feel at home, and the mint tea, sweet or bitter, that many Moroccans enjoy while reading or relaxing.

When I think of Italy, I see the pizza, pasta, cheese, and other delicious Italian foods wrapped up in a pouch that has the Italian flag on it. But I don’t just think of the chefs, with their Italian accents, I also think of the grandeur, glory, and power that resides in Rome. Such a grand city, and where one of the greatest empires of all time began.

When I think of France, I think of the excellent fine dining that you can indulge yourself in, and the ravaging history of Alsace. Overall, French hospitality beats any other culture we have visited. So many things make up the French culture.

Those are the 4 most memorable cultures we have seen so far besides Tanzania, and more await us!

Tanzanian Flag

Spanish Flag

Morrocan Flag

Italian Flag

French Flag