Back in Seattle each Monday my brothers and I would go do Irish dancing lessons at about 5:00. We would get on a white shirt and black shorts and drive to the class. We did it for about a month until we had to stop to go around the world.

Then we had this idea to do an Irish dance in each city we go to we take one (or more!) video(s) of us doing one type called the beginners light jig. So we now do that. And at the end of the year we are going to cut them so it is only the Irish dancing and put them into one whole video. Then we are going to mute it and put in Irish dancing music in the background. We have already done it in; London, Malaga, Granada, Madrid, Fez, Marrakech, Venice, Rome, Zürich, Nancy, Colmar, Heidelberg, Arusha, Stone Town, Jambiani, Seville, Cordoba, the Sahara, the Serengeti… and many more.


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