We have experienced the delight of Zanzibari smoothies, and found that our airbnb here in Nungwi has a blender.

As we were driving here from Stone Town, we bought some pineapples, and then that night, we went out and got other essential ingredients for smoothies such as yogurt, bananas, and mango juice. We picked passion fruit off the trees at our airbnb, and we were good to go!

We brewed exellence with our pineapple, banana, mango juice, passion fruit, and yogurt. We mixed it together, and made my favorite smoothie I have ever tasted! We savored our homemade delicacy over a science lesson about orbits and Arthur C. Clarke.

Our second smoothie wasn’t so great, but it makes me think about not just the people who buy the smoothies, but about the people who come up with the recipe, purchase the ingredients, blend the smoothie, and serve it to you. We were those people. And we did a good job.

Below: Our first homemade Zanzibari smoothie (picture by Kieran)