Here, ants get into everything. There are many different types of ants and they all want one thing… food. It started with them scavenging for little crumbs on the ground and it eventually went to getting into keyboards (we will talk about that later in this blog). The first major thing was the trash, but there was a bit of eating bananas also. There was a giant thick long trail of them, just piling on top of each other like a traffic jam. We didn’t know exactly what they found in the trash but that didn’t exactly matter.

Then we later saw them getting into some dried corn. The next time they appeared was in a bag of rice, crawling in and out stealing anything they could find. They also went for any food out and there was nowhere to hide anything from the ants. However, the ants could not get anything in the fridge, and the freezer was the first place to put anything after it had been infested (besides fruit, that just goes straight to the trash). The fridge was stuffed to its max.

Then came Kieran’s Advent Calendar (Britta gave that to us (read my (Jasper’s) post: The Heidelberg castle and Britta)) crawling with ants where the candy used to be, and trying to find the slots with candy. Uggghhhh. Ants there, ants here, the ants are everywhere! They were persisting. I tried to shake them all out, but it didn’t work so we had to try the other tactic: stick it in the freezer.

Now the story you have all been waiting for, the keyboard (we’re talking about Kieran’s keyboard). They just appeared out of nowhere. Our keyboards are portable so they had all these crevices that the ants can get inside. We couldn’t punch the keys a bunch and kill all the ants because then there would be a lot of dead ants inside that could break it so we had to wait till they got out and then we could kill them all.

The ants come in all different types from small red ants to big black ants. There were 6 types of ants that I found (I named them): the small black ant, the big black ant, the minuscule albino ant, the small red ant, the small black big-headed ant, and the big black fuzzy-butted ant. The small black ant and small red ant seem to come in different sizes, probably because of male and female. Also, the big black ant and the big black fuzzy-butted ant look almost almost exactly the same except for the fuzzy butt (abdomen).

Below: Big black ant



Below: small black big-headed ant

Below: Small black ant

Below: Big black fuzzy-butted ant



Below: Small red ant

Below: Albino ant

Below: small black ant and small black big-headed ant