We started the day with a reasonable amount of schoolwork, and then I heard there was a suprise. Today was going to be a mellow day, so I knew it was nothing big. I just went on with schoolwork as they brewed their plan, but I had a faint idea of what it was: I knew it was a food because it was in the kitchen.

I was dying to know what it was, but I couldn’t find out. Once it was hidden I went out of my room and got a drink of water. But it wasn’t all that hidden. At least the smell wasn’t. I could small a strawberry-chocolate-like smell coming from the oven. Now, that was another hint, it was dessert and wasn’t a drink. I was guessing it was some cupcakes, a cake, or a pie. Then it was lunch time. I was correct. It was a strawberry nutella cake for dessert! OMG. It was something big.

We ate the delicious pasta and the delicious cake! I wanted to eat the whole thing but surely it would have given me a tummy ache. Alex then made a genius ant defense cake platform (read my post: Ants!). We made four bowls with water in each of them, then we put empty jars in them. Then we put the cake on top so there was a “moat” around the cake.

We then found ants swarming over a spatula that had been througly washed. They would go to any extent to get even the tiniest bit of sugar. We went to the beach and swam a bit. Our ant defense cake platform succeeded!

Below: ant-covered spatula

Below: Cake on ant defense platform

Below: Activity at beach