After visiting the Spice Farm (read Kieran’s Blog: The Spice Tour), and then going to cook (read Janet’s Blog: Cooking Class!), we went on to a gathering in The Anglican Cathedral, in Stone Town, where many people got together to sing some Christmas carols.

The church has a vast, domed, ceiling, built on the sight of the former slave market. Inside there is a cross made from the tree under which David Livingstone’s heart was buried in central Africa. We walked inside, past the rows of pews, and sat down. There were 22 songs that were going to be sung that night. We had to get to Paje that night, so we only got to hear about 4 or 5.

Our family is not religious, but we do still celebrate Christmas. And they were singing Christmas carols. We might not have been there to “honor our Lord Jesus Christ,” but we were there to be with the other people, singing carols together, and thinking about Christmas.

As we stood there, we sang, with all the other people in English (suprisingly the whole thing was in English), and I thought about how we had all come together to do this. None of us had ever known each other, and yet we were celebrating Christmas together. It was fun and would sure be memorable.