Today, we took a long lazy taxi ride to Paje (a city in Zanzibar that we are going to stay in for 2 weeks). We rode for a while and eventually stopped by the road to take a spice tour. The guide gave us these interesting leaf cups to hold the spices. We found cinnamon sticks which told us that the cinnamon sticks you get at the market are just rolled up bark. We looked at orange turmeric and cloves. Zanzibar is famous for the spice trade, and it all started in the 1600s when the Arabs came to Zanzibar and started the spice trade. We saw jasmine, lipstick plant, lemongrass and so much more. And now I have two new favorite fruits, Jackfruit and Soursop. It was one of the two forests in Zanzibar that had Colobus monkeys. We were sitting down for a second when our guide showed us one (Colobus monkey). I had been wanting to see a Colobus monkey in Lake Manyara. He showed us a tool he used to climb palm trees which was really impressive. We went around once more looking at the last of the spices and then headed to something different in Janet’s blog.

Below: A giant Millipede (never actually ate it)


Below: Jackfruit


Below: tour guide climbing the coconut tree


Below: a fruit called Zanzibar Apple

Below: a slice of fruit called Starfruit


Below: the rest of the spice tour