I woke up and saw some weird socks hanging on a rack. They were stockings. We did not want to have to buy Christmas stockings because they were too heavy to carry and we would probably have to take a 2 hour taxi ride to Stone Town to find one or take a 2 hour ferry from Stone Town to Dar (es Salaam). So we just hung our ordinary socks. I looked inside and…chocolates!!! Also, our parents got us Tanzanian futball (soccer) jerseys!!!

Our parents told us that since we are not giving any presents to each other that we can give donations to companies that help poverty (that are working in the area of Tanzania (Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi)) including Heifer International, (a company that give basic needs like goats (for the milk and chevon (goat meat)) and stoves), Charity Water (helps build wells for clean water), and The Tanzania School Foundation (provides school needs in one town).

My parents gave $150 to Heifer, and what we will give they will double. So if I gave $100 then they will give $100 to equal $200. And this money is from our own accounts. I gave $150–60 to Heifer, 50 to Charity Water, and 40 to The Tanzania School Foundation. And then it was doubled so 120 to Heifier… and all together we gave 750$ to Heifer, 180 to Charity and 80 to The Tanzania School Foundation. I am now planning to do this every year!

Below: Jasper’s donations