I was sick. Now I am fine. I assure you that it was not malaria, or any other dangerous disease, but merely a stomach bug. I was sick for 2 full days. I could barely eat, because my tummy would shrivel up at the thought of food. I felt weak, and it was hard for me to walk or to really focus on anything, even reading. So I spent literally 90% of my time sleeping, laying in bed, or watching movies. I had sporadic stomach and head aches, and once, on the second day of my sick streak, I woke up and was starving. I ate some yogurt and a tomato, but my tummy barfed up the tomato half and hour later.

My legs shook under me as I walked. I wanted to eat, but my stomach turned inside out every time I did. Janet and Alex actually considered taking me to the local hospital to get me checked out, until I got much better on the 3rd day.

It was not fun, and I hope it doesn’t happen again.