A few days ago, Alex considered that we might not be eating enough protein, so maybe we should have a bit of seafood or meat. I wasn’t so sure, so I went with Kieran and we looked at vegetables that are high in protein (read this website: Vegetables high in protein). Edamame and legumes are the ones that are stuffed with protein, and edamame is almost impossible to find here, so we were going to focus on lentils and beans.

I wasn’t very enthusiastic about going on the beans and rice train again, but it wasn’t that bad. By dinner, I was a bit more intrigued but I was still on the side of no meat. I did miss shrimp bit but… no.

I could feel the temptation but it was still a no no. The next day, (today) I woke up, did schoolwork, and then we went to the beach and that was when I decided to become a crustaceatarian (not a real word). A crustaceatarian is a vegetarian that eats crustaceans (except for woodlouses). I decided to become a crustaceatarian because I didn’t want to worry about not having enough protein and because I was missing shrimp and crab (I have never had lobster (at least I don’t remember)).

I have been a vegetarian for quite a few years now, I think about three. I started becoming vegetarian 4 years ago, after holding a baby pig in a sugar farm in Colombia, and then from there I became a vegetarian for 2-3 months.

After those months I made a ridiculous chart that went like this (I made this when I was something like 6 years old): vegetarian on Monday, only chicken on Tuesday, only cow meat on Wednesday, no pig on Thursday, only cow meat Friday, only pig on Saturday, and no chicken on Sunday. It was pretty ridiculous. That went on for a few weeks until Janet told me she couldn’t keep cooking the family meals according to my chart. After that I became a total vegetarian which is what I was until now.

We played at the beach for a while until the prawn Caesar salad was ready. It came in record time (read Julien’s post: Pole Pole)! I tried a prawn first and it felt weird but good. I got the wiggles whenever I ate one, but it tasted good. Kieran was going to stay vegetarian (Kieran became vegetarian around the time I became a total vegetarian). We then went and picked up pizza at the place next door. The pizza was outstanding.

Below: me eating shrimp

Below: my chart