Today I am going to talk about my likes and dislikes about the food we ate today

We ate our usual breakfast of fruits and an egg omelete and did some schoolwork till lunchtime. For lunch Janet pulled out leftovers from the community fridge and we nibbled. I took a big bite and Bleh! It tasted disgusting. My brothers did not like it either and Julien was not that hungry so he did not eat very much of it. So I was left alone with Alex eating it grain by grain. I asked if I could stop and they said yes. I had eaten practically nothing so I then asked if there was and the reply was: “No”. So for the final time I asked how long till I could next eat and the answer was one hour. I was quite hungry but I thought I could wait.

So three hours later (not one) I was starving sitting there waiting for pizza. In Stone Town there is a different thing which is like a sandwich and is not pizza but because there are so many Italian tourists. Also lots of Italians buy land so that contributes even more.

Another dish for dinner was gazpacho (a Spanish cold soup made out of tomatoes) . Gazpacho is one of my favorite foods so we got some. I thought it a was that Spain’s tomatoes tasted a certain way but I think it is just the way they make it because it tasted exactly the same way.

Alex promised ice cream so we headed nextdoor to get some. They said they only had vanilla and we wer egreat with that so we ordered it. They brought it over and said that the power was out (which happens a lot in Tanzania) so it was more like a drink. We jofully slurped it up and hopped on back to our Lodge

Below: slushy melted ice cream

Below: gazpacho