We silently strode back to the Lodge with all the white lights on the dirt roads after eating a delicious meal. We reached our cozy Lodge and saw the Germans (In Alex’s blog: The Mzungu Condition) and the other guests. I swung open the wooden door and climbed into my soft, warm bed. Then seconds later got told it was 11:30 PM, so I tried and tried and tried to stay awake till 12:00 for 30 minutes till the new year. I asked Julien 11 times before it happened. When it turned midnight, it was silent for a moment and then… BOOM! Fireworks popped into the sky with loud intentive explosions! We did not see the sight, but we still got to hear it! I drowned into snores minutes later after the fireworks were done until I woke up the next day in the bright sun.

Below: light on the walk home