I woke up to the sweltering Zanzibar air of 2019. The whole place is very hot. It is not an easy place to live in. But my mind was on the New Year. The night before we had even heard fireworks go up. It seemed like such a special moment to me. We had our first breakfast of 2019, and decided that we would probably take the day off. We work very hard on schoolwork every day, and so we took the day off and laid low for the very first day of 2019.

Throughout the whole day, I just watched the environment around me, from to the people to the plants, and thought about how it was Jan. 1st, 2019, and probably everybody here was thinking the same thing as I was.

The world had seemed to start anew, even though the same things were probably happening, both the bad and the good. Yesterday was New Year’s Eve, and today was New Year’s Day. 2019 is here.

2020 will come in a whole year. Pole pole, it will come eventually.

Below: The dying sun of 2018


Below: Me dozing off in a chair at a restaurant on New Years Eve (there was nothing else to do plus food would take forever and I was tired)