Here, kitesurfing is everything. Paje is the capital of kitesurfing. Every day there are parasails out in the wind and people surfing through the waves. Once I saw over 100 kitesurfers (I’m not kidding) at one time! I am guessing kitesurfing is common here because the wind is perfect. When I see them, they first pump air into the sail, then they get onto the board (and usually struggle), and then surf away. I personally don’t want to do it when I grow older, partially because it looks scary. I am quite sure there is something about the physics to keep them balanced because I seldom see them tilt a lot. When the wind picks up, people can do neat tricks in the air. I belive that by moving the handle you can turn the direction that you are moving in. It’s not the biggest place for kitesurfing, but it’s still very common here. I have considered doing, but for now it’s a no.

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