We sat down at the table for dinner and looked up to the skies. The sun had just set, so only the brightest stars were out. My mom had seen an airplane with a blinking green and red light and a couple of others. Our touchscreens had an app that allowed us to identify nebulas, stars, constellations, planets, etc. But the phone did not. So we downloaded a free app to help us.

But by the time we had gotten the app and everything to check one of the bright stars, the airplane had not budged. We pointed the phone to the airplane and no it was not an airplane, it was Sirius, the brighest star and a star in Canis Major (a dog constellation). (If you have read Harry Potter, you may appreciate that the character Sirius Black is named after this star, because Sirius’s animagus is a dog). Sirius is a binary star, which means two stars very close together orbiting around a spot of gravity.

When we finished eating, we almost turned back home, but we stopped ourselves right away and decided to go to the edge of Paje and lay down to stargaze. We quietly wandered over to the edges of Paje and laid on our backs in the sand. It was wonderful. Seeing all the stars twinkling in the dark night sky. We found out that a certain clump of stars was called the Seven Sisters. Once we were done we once again strolled on home.