The blazing sun of Zanzibar burns down on the ground everywhere. The only source of shade is under a tree or in your house. Even so, the heat spreads and creeps through cracks and there is nowhere to hide from the heat. When you look upon the horizon you can see the heat waves rise up just as a balloon does when you let go. You are sticky and sweaty wherever you go, and the breeze is amazing to feel. When the sun sets, the breeze takes over and it’s nice and cool. That is the only time where you are safe from the heat. But when the sun rises, the heat comes back and creeps through the cracks like a snake. Every day, you wake to the uncomfortable feeling of that snake slithering on your back, making you sweaty and sticky. Even in the wind, you can feel the sensation of the snake creeping through you.

Below: The Sun of Zanzibar