We have had a lot of things to do with eggs in Zanzibar. We have had problems with eggs and we have learned about them: how fresh, how healthy, which places to buy them, etc.

Our first encounter was in Stone Town. It was a small problem. Since Jasper and I are vegetarians, we need lots of protein because meat is the biggest carrier of protein. But the eggs were extremely pale in Stone Town which probably meant they were not as healthy. We managed, tried other vendors, and found some eggs that were less pale. But with the majority of them, it was almost impossible to tell the difference between the white and the yolk, because the yolks were almost white because they were so pale. We said that we might have better luck in the beach towns, and we did.

One thing that is also obseverved is the price. We think that they are in high demand because 30 eggs are 7 dollars. But in the US they are $8-18 for 30. With vegetables, like tomatoes, two pounds (1 kilogram) are about half the price that they are in the US. So we think that they cost a lot because they are limited and eggs are a little bit of a luxury.

One of the reasons why the eggs were so pale in Stone Town is because the chickens take nips off of grass and eat a lot of compost mostly only containing, rice bread, etc. So the chickens are not very healthy and are weak and skinny, so the eggs are not very healthy either.

The final encounter is that the eggs are so fresh that one of the eggs still had feathers from the chicken who laid it. Also, refrigeration all day and night long for a year could cost a full sixth of a person’s yearly income here. They can’t keep eggs very long without refrigeration. To not to waste refrigeration money, they sell them a day after which makes them really fresh.