I am very excited to go through Asia, and go on to the next countries. I am enthusiastic to go to India, Thailand, Bali, China, and many more countries. Going through this passage of countries is very amazing, and there are other places I want to go to also.

Some I know I should go to when I am a bit older, like Australia and New Zealand. When I grow up, I will want to go to other places such as Sweden and the northern regions of Spain (ancestral homeland). On this trip I will still get a flavor of other cultures, but there will still be an infinite amount of more cultures to explore. I may want to invest in a few more areas of different culture. I might want to go to Turkey and Greece which are full of ancient history dating back earlier than 0 CE. Egypt, too, has great history dating back to the very start of cizilization and is stuffed with history. New York seems interesting, and it’s a totally different city that is crowded and lively. I might want to go to Madagascar for its wildlife, and its amazing lemurs. I want to go to Peru and Hawaii; however we might not go to Peru and we are going to Hawaii. I also want to go to the National Parks of America, such as Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite, and a few more. Julien said that Iceland was cool, and I want to go there for the Blue Lagoon, sulfur pits, and Viking history. I may also go down to the islands of Southeast Asia because they are very tropical.

I will probably not go to all of these places, but those are the ones I have the most interest in. I will change my mind as I go on and South Africa and Alaska are two that I still have not made my mind about. Most of these I hope to go to when I grow up, but Alex & Janet may take me to a few of these places like New York and Australia.

Below: Where I want to go (drawn by me (not super accurate))